Protect Your Loan Repayments With PPI

A mortgage loan is a high value and long period financial commitment. Your mortgage loan might run for over 20 years and making repayments successfully for such a long period is not easy. In these twenty years the economy may take many a rounds and one can go through many ups and downs in life. Unemployment and illness can happen to anybody at any time. In those hours of crisis, you and your family will find yourselves under huge pressure. Your house can be at risk. A MORTGAGE PAYMENT PROTECTION INSURANCE plan is designed to protect you and your family from financial burdens in those unpredictable times.

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A mortgage payment protection [] plan covers your loan repayments against life’s eventualities. It acts as a protection in case of loss of job, accident or illness. Under this insurance scheme if an unthinkable event strikes you, your repayments and other associated bills are taken care of by the insurer. In return one needs to pay the cost of insurance, mostly added to your monthly instalments. This protection plan works well for first time mortgage buyers as default in their repayments can put their house at risk of repossession.

However there are some conditions associated with payment protection insurance plans. One needs to be above 18 and below 65 at the beginning of insurance policy. The other condition is to be a resident of the area within the jurisdiction of the scheme and the third one is that your work should not be temporary and casual or you should not be working for a temporal employment company. For making a claim in case of any eventuality like loss of job due to circumstances beyond your control you need to be registered as unemployed in the appropriate forum. In case of accident or illness a medical proof is required by a competent authority decided by insurer.

So if you fulfill the above criteria and want to cover yourself from life’s eventualities then opting for MORTGAGE PAYMENT PROTECTION INSURANCE will be a good idea. Check out the terms and conditions of your insurer before choosing a protection plan.

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