Unemployment Protection Insurance - Provides the Safety Net of a Replacement Income

Unemployment protection insurance has to be given some serious thought as there are three different types. All would protect your repayments against the possibility that you might lose your income to redundancy. All would also payout an income after a deferment period and for up to so long before expiring. All cover would also bring enormous peace of mind of an income which would mean you would not be left struggling.

Whichever type of unemployment protection insurance you chose to take you would have to decide how much you wanted to protect. All providers will however set a limit on this so you have to check before taking the protection out. The amount the provider agrees to protect with you would be the sum that you get back if you make a claim due to becoming unemployed. The payments would be tax free and would continue for either 12 or 24 months depending on the terms of the provider. A deferment period, the period of time you have been unemployed, of either 30 or 90 days is usually set out in the terms of cover and again needs checking before buying.

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The types of cover you have to consider are mortgage, loan or income payment protection. The insurance would protect the repayments as their name would suggest. For example mortgage insurance allows you to safeguard so much of your monthly mortgage repayment. While shelling out another monthly payment might seem daunting, when you stop to consider the results of not having insurance you can see it could be well worth it.

Without unemployment protection insurance to fall back on stop and consider for a minute how you would maintain your outgoings each month. If you have savings and think that you will fall back onto these then consider for a moment how much your outgoings add up to each month. Then consider the fact that you could have to turn to savings for several months as jobs are sometimes hard to find. Would they last for this duration? Another common idea when considering how you would manage is being able to claim benefits from the State. State benefits could be applied for but you could find you would be ineligible to claim. Even if a claim was possible often the income supplied by the State is far less than your own income. This could still leave you with a struggle on your hands each month as it might not spread out too far.

Unemployment protection insurance used to fall back onto could alleviate a great deal of stress and worry at least about financial matters. Providing you had pre-checked the terms of the policy you would know that at least for the term of the cover you would have the sum of money you insured coming in each month. There would be no guessing as to how much you might receive each month. You would know you would not have to juggle bills around each month simply to get through. You would also not have to fall behind on payments with the hope that you could catch up in the future. You would just be able to concentrate on looking around, applying for interviews and attending them with the hope of securing a job.

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